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Do you surprise the place your favorite electronics come from? When i set the clock with sample code, pong works completely, if i disconnect power and battery, pong shows 00:00 perpetually, setting the time doesn’t work. It’s a powerful placebo effect, and I believe it’s the purpose why slim tires and better pressures have grow to be standard again and again within the historical past of cycling.

Glad you prefer it. I haven’t got any code at hand, your finest wager would be to adapt the code that’s in the pongclock sketch itself. Did you get this code working with the older 2416 Inexperienced shows. Additionally examine you could have the brand new version of the show board with the chips on the again.cool electronics

I would love to have a version of the Pong Clock that ran on these panels as an alternative to the Certain shows, which are a bit tough to get, have a goofy kind-issue, and are poorly supported in my expertise. It makes use of something called the I2C protocol and solely needs 2 wires to send time data to the Arduino.cool electronics

I had the idea of possibly making an attempt to get it all to run with the Nootropics piggyback board for the Matrix, modified barely with an added RTC in fact (pins 4&5 are unused on that board), and with the Ethernet, audio and many others. If you happen to just wished an even bigger clock, Positive do an even bigger model of the 2416 boards that use 5mm LEDs.cool electronics

Also examine the clock is ticking, the arduino pin 13 LED ought to flash as soon as a second. Once the +5V pins are connected, the Arduino (Uno) board’s ON” gentle cuts off. A con is that, at most the ball travel time takes 4 seconds to ping, pong throughout the field.