So What is a explainer video?


1. what is a explainer video?



Competition online is fierce. One germ of a concept may spawn hundreds of copy cats. What differentiates a good explainer video from a mediocre one?

It answers the 3 W’s through motion, information, and entertainment.

The creative use of moving objects in a visual format, followed by an entertaining overview of the WHO•WHAT•WHY of your business, separates a good explainer video from a trite one.

Take a good look at your landing page. Most likely, you have a “Welcome” blurb. That won’t cut it in a highly competitive market. In less than a minute, a well-made explainer video will show us what we need to know about your business:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you do
  3. Why we should use your products or service

How to Hook New Customers with Your Explainer Video

Surf in any category on the Internet and you will find words, words, words, and more words.

But our brains are hardwired to detect motion. So it’s easy to understand why YouTube is the #2 search engine and the #3 social media site in the world.

Because our brains are wired for motion, we skim through pages and pages of information, our eyes overloaded with letters and numbers. Yet we will endure a drab video to its end because it’s visual.

For your business, the home page or landing page explainer video is the communication gold mine that you want to get just right. How do you do this? Well, let me explain…

The three W’s are answered through motion, information, and entertainment:

  1. Who – Web app for managing social networks and group communication
  2. What – Easy to use and navigate software that boosts productivity
  3. Why – Clean and beautiful, and very reasonably priced

Are you not compelled to try the Message app? Did your eyes not follow the action animation to its end? That’s the power of a good explainer video as our brains are wired to detect movement. And when it’s visually entertaining, then it’s even better.

2. Good Explainer Videos can Evoke or Provoke an Emotion

A very engaging method that makes a good explainer video is to build a thoughtful and meaningful visual story with characters to evoke an emotion in the viewer.

Tooth Regeneration With Dental Stem Cells

Tooth development results from sequential and reciprocal interactions between the oral epithelium and the underlying neural crest-derived mesenchyme. The generation of dental structures and/or entire teeth in the laboratory depends upon the manipulation of stem cells and requires a synergy of all cellular and molecular events that finally lead to the formation of tooth-specific hard tissues, dentin and enamel. Although mesenchymal stem cells from different origins have been extensively studied in their capacity to form dentin in vitro , information is not yet available concerning the use of epithelial stem cells. The odontogenic potential resides in the oral epithelium and thus epithelial stem cells are necessary for both the initiation of tooth formation and enamel matrix production. This review focuses on the different sources of stem cells that have been used for making teeth in vitro and their relative efficiency. Dr Daniel Wahba,  a dentist from Lutz, says that at St Lukes Dental, they are working extensively in embryonic, post-natal or even adult stem cells were assessed and proved to possess an enormous regenerative  potential, but their application in dental practice is still problematic and limited due to various parameters that are not yet under control such as the high risk of rejection, cell  behaviour, long tooth eruption period, appropriate crown  morphology and suitable colour. Nevertheless, the  development of biological approaches for dental reconstruction using stem cells is promising and remains  one of the greatest challenges in the dental field for the years to come.

Post natal dental stem cell research is in very nascent stages, but seems to be a very promising solution and a viable technology that will be accessible to the public in a short few years.Tooth loss or absence is a common and frequent situation that can result from numerous pathologies such as periodontal and carious diseases, fractures, injuries or even genetic alterations. In most cases this loss is not critical, but for aesthetical, psychological and medical
reasons (e.g. genetic aberrations) replacement of the
missing teeth is important. Recent efforts made in the field
of biomaterials have led to the development of dental
implants composed of biocompatible materials such as
titanium that can be inserted in the maxillary and/or
mandibular bone to replace the missing teeth. However,
implants are still not completely satisfactory and their
successful use greatly depends on their osteointegration.
The quantity and quality of the bone, as well as its
interaction with the surface of the implant are some crucial

Amazon Money Machine

Amazon Money Machine

From: Matt Clark, Jason Katzenback & Jason Potash

Launch Date: 26th April

Amazon Money Machine

Another Launch based on making money from Amazon, this time titled Amazon Money Machine. This trend was started way back in 2010 when 2 ladies that go by the name Paula and Wanda launched a product called Amazonian Profit Plan on the Warrior forum. After that there have been several launches on the same subject.

Not much has been revealed as of now, but this system makes Matt $70k each month is the claim.

The Amazon Money Machine course comes with a software which they call the “money finder”, which essentially is a tool that lets you find low competition product niches at amazon which have consistent traffic.

To be honest I haven’t heard of Matt Clark before, but Jason Katzenback & Jason Potash are well known marketers and I have bought products from them in the past.

Is The Amazon Money Machine For You?

Making amazon review sites is a lot of work, trust me ive been there. Of course you can outsource the site creation, but its pretty expensive if you hire native English writers who charge $5 per review and each site would need atleast 5 reviews. So just the content creation would cost you $25 per site.

And the site creation is actually the easy part. Getting back links to your sites to get them to  and rank is the real laborious part. So don’t forget that.

Amazon Money Machine Review

As this course launch is almost a month  away, even the JV partners don’t have access to this yet. So i shall post my detailed amazon money machine review in a few weeks.

If any of you guys get access to this before me, feel free to add in your review below using the review button

Amazon Money Machine Bonus

Watch this space for my amazon money machine bonus

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